Pharmaceutics and drug descriptions

  Initiator: SYSTRAN
  Domain: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Health, Biochemistry
English (United States) - Japanese
Pharmaceutical documentation is guaranteed a highly specialized reading. The descriptions of drug substances are heavy with chemical terminology and full of references to biochemistry. Overwhelming perhaps for any layman with just basic medical knowledge. But this corpus has exactly the right terms for descriptions in that particular field of knowledge. The target use cases are drug descriptions, and pharmaceutical research papers. Examples? Thermodynamic stability, polypeptides, isotonic solutions, spectroscopy. If you are looking for a corpus that includes terms such as these, then this corpus is exactly what you need.
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English (United States) - Japanese Tokens
Corpus Size Segments Source Target
Compact 53,087 985,451 1,321,088
Medium 92,234 1,715,708 2,308,727
Large 126,380 2,364,656 3,184,026
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English (United States) - Japanese
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€ 3,900
9 million
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