Legal/Financial with a focus on Value Added Tax

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Policies, process and procedures - the three pillars of any legal framework and a particularly diverse type of content, given the varying geopolitical contexts. These carefully selected parallel corpora are meant to make legal translations a breeze and give customer support systems handling tax-related or legal queries a nudge.

Formal and prescriptive, the contents cover everything from value added tax, the tax exemptions and refund policies to customs and audit procedures. Next to the country-specific legal practices, they extend to the general European law, such as the tax deductibility and double taxation legislatures, the treaties established by the European Economic community or EU authorisation of additives.

The query corpus originated from UFAL, an institute that is part of the Charles University in Prague. The provided corpora was bilingual with added monolingual terms in target languages, specifically focused on value added tax.

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