Financial & business reporting

  Initiator: TAUS
  Domain: Financial, Business
Chinese (Taiwan, traditional) - English
We all know you don't get a second chance for a first impression. Therefore, many company's annual report is a high-gloss publication, and a lot of effort goes into the right presentation. Of course, first class presentation also deserves first class content. For many companies, business reports are one of the main platforms to communicate with their stakeholders. So they'd better make sure that impeccable language is the first priority. This corpus is taken from a big range of annual reports, financial statements, accounting reports, and business strategy reports. Furthermore, it contains content from news stories, human interest and journalism. With this corpus you're sure to get high quality content in proper wording and fluent language.
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Chinese (Taiwan, traditional) - English Tokens
Corpus Size Segments Source Target
Large 200,000 3,997,354 4,083,293
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Language Pair
Chinese (Taiwan, traditional) - English
Member Price
Price in Euro / Partner Credits
Price in Data Cloud Credits
€ 14,800
33 million
Non-Member Price
Price in Euro
€ 18,500

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