Customer Support Tickets & Chat

  Initiator: Unbabel
  Domain: Customer Support
English - Hungarian

Wouldn't it be great to make replying to multilingual customer tickets easier and more efficient, while ensuring high customer satisfaction? Helping a customer in a knowledgeable, natural and friendly way seems something that only experienced and native speaking agents can do. Unless there is enough data in a specific language to help that process.

This corpus combines just the right conversational, instructional, marketing and e-commerce elements from a wide variety of customer service tickets and chats to power the seamless customer interactions in Hungarian. Helping the user to make a payment, change a password, sign in to their account, but also simply asking them how they like a service or a product and answering politely to a these are all the situations where this data set can add value.

This matching data corpus came about based on a very large sample of almost 90,000 segments from Unbabel, resulting in close matches and highly-relevant customer support corpus.

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English - Hungarian Tokens
Corpus Size Segments Source Target
Compact 173,912 2,081,911 1,799,363
Medium 271,488 3,351,110 2,911,303
Large 406,990 5,182,612 4,523,273
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Language Pair
English - Hungarian
Member Price
Price in Euro / Partner Credits
Price in Data Cloud Credits
€ 4,300
9 million
€ 4,900
11 million
€ 5,400
12 million
Non-Member Price
Price in Euro
€ 5,375
€ 6,125
€ 6,750

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