Customer Support (short sentences)

  Initiator: Dell
  Domain: Customer Support
English - German

People chatting about the problems in their computer hardware often use a specific language. Beside the fact that the content of those conversations includes a broad set of technical specifications, covering anything from network adapters and memory modules to graphic cards and cooling devices, asking information and giving instructions has its own set of conventions.

Doing it through chat also adds social conventions and formalities like "Hello, I see, thanks, goodbye", but also expressions of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and everything in between. Like any real-life conversation, chat can go in any direction.

This corpus is based on many monolingual support chat sessions, and only the short sentences: not more than 10 words each. This makes it a targeted corpus that includes simple lines with a lot of technical terminology and a conversational tone.

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English - German Tokens
Corpus Size Segments Source Target
Compact 100,224 596,478 584,960
Medium 380,837 2,307,652 2,254,235
Large 647,520 3,927,340 3,830,674
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Language Pair
English - German
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Price in Euro / Partner Credits
Price in Data Cloud Credits
€ 3,500
8 million
€ 4,500
10 million
€ 5,000
11 million
Non-Member Price
Price in Euro
€ 4,200
€ 5,400
€ 6,000

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