Customer Support

  Initiator: RWS Moravia
  Domain: Customer Support/Help
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Need help in fine-tuning your customer support data into Dutch?

Be it for your webshop, product documentation or website, information related to customer support is usually pretty standardized and therefore best handled with automation.

However, when a customer has access issues, or questions on shipment terms, or is confronted with prompts and warning messages, it's important that they're provided with accurate and efficient information.

This is the perfect corpus to improve your MT-powered Customer Support information, thanks to highly relevant data covering e-commerce, technical equipment and general website support.

TAUS created this corpus in cooperation with RWS Moravia. They provided a selected bilingual query corpus of around 20k segments including a vast selection of representative segments in the Customer Support domain.

Thanks to TAUS Matching Data technique applied to our vast Data Cloud repository, we compiled the most suitable matches into three sets of highly relevant and clean data.

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