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Is your chat bot not chatty enough? Or your MT engine looks at you puzzled when it has to deal with informal business communication or user generated content? This corpus will give the conversation with your local audience a friendly, casual tone.

From product user reviews and blog post comments to everyday business small talk, you will get a wide range of conversational content clustered from several domains - content which will give your MT engine the right tune to handle even the most creative user voices.

This corpus was created in cooperation with Oracle, and the output of TAUS Matching Data was scored with an 84% average acceptance rate by their linguists!

Testimonial from Oracle

Oracle International Product Solutions has worked with TAUS on a joint pilot project to enable data discovery within TAUS's Data Cloud corpora. The process consisted in Oracle IPS supplying TAUS with a sample of approximately 30K English strings, representing content that is aligned to Oracle projects.

TAUS used the sample to explore Data Cloud for similarity & proximity, across 5 languages, and reverted back with three categories of data output, with score ranges on similarity and proximity. Oracle IPS then performed a linguistic assessment of this output. Our in-depth linguistic review rendered positive results and the content supplied by TAUS was of good quality, appropriate to consume as aligned corpora to that supplied in the Oracle sample with an average score of 84% for across the 5 languages.

Oracle IPS will continue to work with TAUS to assess the effect that consuming this discovered corpora will have on engine quality. We look forward to having data search and discovery features on Data Cloud, whereby a user is capable of discovering their own project aligned content as a consumable self-service. We believe this will allow TAUS and its members to drive increased value from the TAUS data assets and in turn will likely continue to fuel growth in the pool of data and value-add services.

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