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  Initiator: RWS Moravia
  Domain: Business, Pharmaceuticals
English (United States) - German (Germany)
Is content in the pharmaceutical industry always about pharmacy? No, certainly not. Like anywhere else, people in the pharmaceutical industry need to make business targets, formulate legal matters, write white-papers, take care of marketing, and create reports on their latest research. Despite their diversity, all this content share a common denominator: it is usually aimed at highly skilled and educated staff, it requires in-depth knowledge, and of course contains names and terminology of the big pharma industries and universities. This corpus contains the language of international human resource management, the correct phrasing of everything you would expect to find in contracts, and references to the big players in the field. For translations from the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry with a wider focus then strictly pharmacy, this is your corpus.
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English (United States) - German (Germany) Tokens
Corpus Size Segments Source Target
Compact 641,743 10,351,111 9,739,971
Medium 1,895,801 32,104,447 30,135,157
Large 2,530,381 43,438,622 40,733,978
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Language Pair
English (United States) - German (Germany)
Member Price
Price in Euro / Partner Credits
Price in Data Cloud Credits
€ 10,800
24 million
€ 23,800
52 million
€ 25,700
57 million
Non-Member Price
Price in Euro
€ 13,500
€ 29,750
€ 32,125

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