Business and legal communication

  Initiator: TAUS
  Domain: Business, Legal
English (United States) - French (France)
Looking for the right tone in professional language? Want to communicate obligations, rights and articles? This corpus is all about contracts, agreements, and international business. International business requires that specific mode of expression, that helps to communicate in a clear and unambiguous way, and builds trust and strong relations. Bad communication practices can lead to misunderstandings and ultimately can cause loss of business. So it is of utmost importance to keep the proper tone. This is even more so when it comes to agreements and contracts. The segments in this corpus are carefully selected to contain exactly that type of language for use in your business.
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English (United States) - French (France) Tokens
Corpus Size Segments Source Target
Compact 992,038 15,979,018 18,094,948
Medium 2,471,042 40,041,694 45,491,934
Large 3,102,615 50,391,631 57,278,187
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Language Pair
English (United States) - French (France)
Member Price
Price in Euro / Partner Credits
Price in Data Cloud Credits
€ 14,000
31 million
€ 27,000
59 million
€ 31,000
68 million
Non-Member Price
Price in Euro
€ 17,500
€ 33,750
€ 38,750

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