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Medical, Pharmaceutical, Health, Biochemistry

Pharmaceutics and drug descriptions

This corpus is specialized in pharmaceutical descriptions. Recommended use for research papers and drug descriptions that contain medical terms and references to biochemistry.
English (United States) - Japanese
Business, Legal

Legal, contracts and obligations

Contracts and agreements: this corpus specializes in that aspect of business exclusively. It contains all the correct formulations of what is carefully set in subsections and articles.
English (United States) - German (Germany) English (United States) - French (France) English (United States) - Spanish (Spain) English (United States) - Chinese (PRC) English (United States) - Chinese (Taiwan)
Customer support, IT

FAQ and customer support

This corpus targets customer support that is defined by short and clear questions and to-the-point answers. Suitable for the FAQ section for your software or IT related documentation.
English (United States) - Swedish English (United States) - Korean
Financial, Business

Financial & business reporting

This corpus is taken from a big range of annual reports, financial statements, accounting reports, and business strategy reports. It also contains content from new stories, human interest and journalism.
Chinese (Taiwan, traditional) - English
Business, Legal

Business and legal communication

This corpus is about business, contracts and agreements. It contains translations for any content that in professional business communications.
English (United States) - French (France)
RWS Moravia
Business, Pharmaceuticals

Professional services for pharmaceutical industry

Business, human resource management and administration for the pharmaceutical industry is the main focus of this corpus. It contains translations for any content that is related to doing business, with a connection to life sciences and pharmacy.
English (United States) - German (Germany)
RWS Moravia


The corpus is created in collaboration with RWS Moravia based on a automotive query content. It contains translations for a wider context of the automotive industry, and includes related topics as well.
English (United States) - German (Germany)
Colloquial Text
Human Generated Corpora
Human Generated Corpora

HLP Colloquial Corpus #1

With the Human Language Project, TAUS offers any of the domains in the Matching Data catalogue, or any new domain for that matter, in a language of your choice. A carefully selected part of the colloquial Matching Data corpus has been translated and reviewed by native speakers in many long-tail languages, to get the highest-quality customized set for your MT training.
English - Hindi English - Urdu English - Tamil English - Nepali English - Turkish English - Pashto English - Sorani English - Bengali English - Burmese
IT services

IT Instructions

IT-related communication comes in many shapes and forms. One of the main forms is consumer-oriented instruction - the type of text that appears in FAQs, short setup instructions, troubleshooting manuals or responses and requests for assistance.
English - Spanish English - Portuguese (Brazil) English - Bulgarian English - Dutch English - Czech English - German English (United States) - Russian
Crawled / News / Low-Resource Languages

U.S. State Department Crawled Corpus

International news and global public affairs shift focus frequently, have constantly evolving language and terminology. U.S. Department of State press releases closely mirror these developments and sometimes originate them. This corpus allows to incorporate these shifts in language and topic into news, diplomatic and other current affairs translations.
English - Hindi English - Urdu
Customer Support

Customer Support (short sentences)

This corpus is based on many monolingual support chat sessions, and only the short sentences: not more than 10 words each. This makes it a targeted corpus that includes simple lines with a lot of technical terminology and a conversational tone.
English - German English - Portuguese (Brazil) English - French

Retail Marketing & Training

The corpus is created in collaboration with Systran based on a marketing and e-learning query content. It contains carefully crafted translations for outward-facing marketing and fun learning.
English - Spanish
Customer Support

Customer Support Tickets & Chat

This corpus combines just the right conversational, instructional, marketing and e-commerce elements from a wide variety of customer service tickets and chats to power the seamless customer interactions in Hungarian. Helping the user to make a payment, change a password, sign in to their account, but also simply asking them how they like a service or a product and answering politely to a these are all the situations where this data set can add value.
English - Hungarian English (United States) - Russian
Univerzita Karlova v Praze
Legal / Financial / VAT

Legal/Financial with a focus on Value Added Tax

These carefully selected parallel corpora are meant to make legal translations a breeze and give customer support systems handling tax-related or legal queries a nudge. The query corpus originated from UFAL, an institute that is part of the Charles University in Prague. The provided corpora was bilingual with added monolingual terms in target languages, specifically focused on value added tax.
English - Czech English - German English - Polish English - Romanian English - Spanish English - Hungarian German - Czech English - Dutch


Reliable product descriptions and information are a crucial asset in any e-commerce environment. In these corpora you'll find carefully filtered and cleaned data on a great variety of product types, that will make it even easier for your global customers to click on the 'Add to shopping cart' button!
French - Dutch German - Polish German - Italian English - Italian English - Japanese German (Germany) - Spanish (Spain) German (Germany) - French (France)
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Medical / Pharmaceutical


High fidelity MT training data is always important, even more so when it comes to medical subjects. This is a must-have corpus for anyone seeking for pharma-related data.
English - Spanish English (United States) - German (Germany)
RWS Moravia
Customer Support/Help

Customer Support

Need help in fine-tuning your customer support data into Dutch? Be it for your webshop, product documentation or website, information related to customer support is usually pretty standardized and therefore best handled with automation.
English - Dutch English (United States) - Russian
Colloquial Text


Is your chat bot not chatty enough? Or your MT engine looks at you puzzled when it has to deal with informal business communication or user generated content? This corpus will give the conversation with your local audience a friendly, casual tone.
English - Spanish English - Portuguese (Brazil) English - Chinese (PRC) English - Korean English - Japanese English - French English - Dutch English - German English - Russian English - Arabic English - Italian English - Romanian English - Chinese (Traditional) English (United States) - Danish English (United States) - Finnish English (United States) - Czech English (United States) - Polish English (United States) - Swedish

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